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Significant Funding

Beacon Dance has received significant funding over the years from the following sources:

  • Georgia Council for the Arts
  • DeKalb Council for the Arts
  • Decatur Arts Alliance
  • The DeKalb County Office of Arts, Culture and Entertainment
  • The High Museum Young Careers Guild
  • Emory University Center for Creativity and Arts
  • The Dance Program of Emory University
  • The Transforming Community Project of Emory University
  • Georgia Power
  • The City of Decatur
  • The Arts Festival of Atlanta
  • The City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs
  • City Gallery East
  • The Contemporary
  • Dancers' Collective
  • National Performance Network
  • Art in The Atlanta Project
  • The B Complex
  • Alternate ROOTS
  • 7 Stages
  • CORE
  • United Arts Council of Collier County, Florida
  • American College Personnel Association
  • Art Institute of Atlanta

This program is supported in part by Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. Georgia Council for the Arts also receives support from its partner agency - the National Endowment for the Arts.


Beacon Dance has received numerous accolades and awards over many years:

  • Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta 2002 Issue Critics' Picks

    "Best Transcendental Cosmic Techno Redefinition of Dance"

  • Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta 2003 Issue

    "Best Experimental Dance Epic"

  • Creative Loafing The Year in Culture 2003 Issue: Top 5 Dance Performances

    1. To Air is Human, Beacon Dance: The final chapter of D. Patton White's brilliant four-part epic, The Elemental Project, sent dancers in billowing white in search for the secrets of freedom and flight.

  • Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta 2006 Issue

    Best Cartographic Dance: The Mapping Project

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