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Current Projects

A listing of our current projects available for touring or as community commissions.

Beyond Being

a new multi-disciplinary arts project, will engage senior residents of greater Decatur, GA, with the artists of Beacon Dance in a collaborative community arts project by asking the central question "What sustains your energy, your work and your commitment in trying times?". Directed by D. Patton White, the project will include story-telling circles/creative movement workshops with seniors and the creation and performance of a new dance work with the artists of Beacon Dance.

A Life Well Seasoned

An ongoing Dance for the camera project that brings together story-telling, poetry, dance and video

Deus ex Machina

Recalling the moment when machines became gods and workers became machines, deus ex machina is a precisely constructed environment of obscurely comprehensible machines and devices. Dancers as workers react within the installation, performing tasks for reasons and results that can only be implied by the viewer. The audience is challenged to make perhaps uncomfortable decisions regarding the meaning and purpose of the devices and the actions.

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The Elemental Project

This four-part project investigates the metaphorical possibilities found in the primal elements of water, earth, fire and air.

  • Section I: Water Study-Performance piece interacting with water and investigating the concepts of birth and development

  • Section II: Earth 1999-Performance piece interacting with earth-based installation and investigating the concepts of control and manipulation

  • Section III: Into the Inferno-Performance piece interacting with fire and investigating the concept of transformation

  • Section IV: To Air is Human-Performance piece interacting with air and investigating the concept of freedom

At Once Now and Then

  • Framed as a journey into the interior of the mind, this community project addresses the many aspects of mental illness and depression. The work explores memory and emotion with courage and candor.

A Bountiful Feast

  • Are we what we eat? Are we how we eat? In this community engagement project, cultural food practices and habits are investigated to find commonalities and the unique characteristics of how a community embraces food.

The Marriage Project

  • Who has access to marriage in contemporary American culture? Who doesn't? How does our culture support or deny this access? In this community project, Beacon invites, through dialogues and art-making, the sharing of many perspectives and opinions.


  • Beacon Dance seeks to further civic dialogue within the Atlanta metro area around the subjects of oppression and truth-telling, through the act of creating and performing art. Oppression continues to be an ongoing issue facing the Atlanta metro community. Over the course of nine months, Beacon Dance will develop a new evening-length movement-based performance piece entitled 1906/2006. Through a lengthy period of research, creation, development and performance, 1906/2006 will contrast the events leading up to the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot with more current events surrounding the conflict in Iraq. Our project will culminate with an evening-length dance work presented at the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, on the Emory University Campus.

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