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Beacon Dance Past Performance Projects/Repertory

Beacon Dance has been creating and producing full length performance pieces since 1997. All projects are conceptual works which can be re-created with a new cast and in a new community.

Recent Projects include:

The Mapping Project: You are Here!

This multi-year Project investigated the many ways that maps affect our lives, and how we form the maps of our communities. In it's final year, The Mapping Project brought site-specific performances to twelve parks and nature centers throughout DeKalb County, Georgia. Each performance was video taped and later edited into a twelve-minute dance for the camera. All twelve video pieces are intended to be screened simultaneously in a gallery-like setting as an installation performance.

The Elemental Project (still performing)

This four-year project took inspiration from the four elements of water, earth, fire and air, with the focusing of our creative attentions on a specific element in each of the four years (see above)

Sense and Sensuality

How can the five senses—sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste—transport us to another realm? In this sensual and interactive project, Beacon transforms the performance space into an environment that heightens awareness of each of our senses.

From Site to Screen

In this project, commissioned by the Arts Festival of Atlanta in it's final year at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA, the artists of Beacon created a new performance piece incorporating site-specific dance, video-taping of the dance and editing of the videotape into an art installation dance-for-video piece.

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