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Technical Equipment for Rent

Sound System
    Amplifier/2 speakers/cords $50.00 per day
Epson Powerlite Multimedia Power Projector
    1700 Lumens $125.00 per day
Sony PD150 Digital Video Camera $50.00 per day
DVD Player (8 in stock) $5.00 per day
VCR Player (3 in stock) $5.00 per day
Portable Lighting/Dimming System:
    20 Fresnels; 4 Leicos; Two Dimmer Packs;
    20 Channel Programmable Dimmer Board $500.00 per weekend
Round Marley Floor (call for dimensions) $50.00 per day

Costumes for rent

A variety of dance and period costumes are available. Rates are negotiable based on the individual costume, but range from $5.00 per week up to $100.00 per week. All costumes must be returned professionally dry-cleaned, in bags, with dry-cleaning receipts attached.

To arrange for equipment or costume rental, please call 404.377.2929 or email rentals@beacondance.org

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