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The work of Beacon Dance is funded by many important sources of revenue. Beacon Dance earns revenue through contracted services with government and other public organizations. Beacon also earns revenue through income-generating classes and workshops, and by rentals of our new studio at the B Complex.

A very important source of support is also from our patrons and contributors. You are one of the three legs that ensure that Beacon is able to serve the community in the many ways that we do. A gift to Beacon Dance is not simply a kind gesture, but rather an investment in some aspect of our work

These examples are just a few of the many ways in which your contribution could be supporting Beacon:

  • $25 will pay for a portion of the costuming for an upcoming performance
  • $50 will support the fee for one teacher to teach an outreach class to senior citzens
  • $75 will support our monthly association fees at the B Complex
  • $100 will support the performance fee for one performer at one performance
  • $500 will support a portion of a new commission of original music for a performance
  • $1000 will support a portion of a new choreographic commission

Please consider investing in our future today!

In-Kind Contributions


If you find yourself wanting to support Beacon Dance, but do not have the financial resources to contribute at the level you would like to, another option might be an in-kind contribution. These important gifts take have taken many forms over the years, and are certain to take many others in the future.

Here are just a few examples of how you might be able to invest in Beacon through an in-kind contribution:

  • Goods or services for our Silent Auction fundraiser
  • Frequent Flier mileage awards
  • Skills or services which may benefit Beacon personnel (massages, haircuts, chiropractic adjustments, etc.)
  • Surplus fabric for costuming
  • Surplus building materials for our new studio at The B Complex
  • Construction skills for assisting in building out our new studio at The B Complex
  • Beer/Wine/Liquor for use at fund raising events
  • Hosting a fund raising event yourself

Or perhaps you have a great idea about some way that you can support Beacon through a means besides cash.

Please contact us at donations@beacondance.org to offer your contribution!

Thank you, in advance, for your investment in our community!

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